Tracks & instructions

On the tracks, you can climb safely at a height of 2-12 meters. Six tracks of different levels provide a suitable challenge for adventurers of all levels.


(tracks 1-3)

Level: easy

Family tracks are easy basic tracks that are suited for beginner adventurers and for e.g. families to progress together. You will find many nice challenges on these tracks; different bridges to cross, net obstacles and slides in many ways. Track 1 is intended for children only.


 (tracks 1-5)

Level: challenging

Tracks 3-5 are a bit more demanding and challenge you more than the basic tracks. All kinds of fun is to come; special slides, swings over the forest and you can challenge yourself on climbing walls in the upper air.


All tools used are appropriate to guarantee the safety of customers.

The park is type approved and has a CE mark.

The entire staff has received ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) official adventure park instructor and lifeguard training.

We carry out inspections in accordance with the standard every year, such as the annual and tree inspection.

Customers use full-body harnesses and the continuous safety saferoller system on the adventure courses.

A customer who follows the rules is always connected to the security line, which guarantees a safe and exhilarating adventure.

Adventure in nature imposes restrictions on the activity, due to which the park may have to be closed either completely or partially. Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or redeemed.


  1. I listen to the given instructions and act accordingly.
  2. For my part, I take care of the equipment and park structures without intentionally damaging them. If I do not follow this instruction, I am liable for compensation for the damage I cause.
  3. Smoking while wearing a harness is strictly prohibited.
  4. I follow the instructions and signs on the park’s tracks.
  5. Moving in nature and in trees may cause e.g. soiling of clothes and scratches or bruises. SeikkailuTuuri is not responsible for these. As in normal sports and exercise situations, the adventurer’s own accident insurance is responsible for damages. If I injure myself on the adventure course, I immediately inform the staff.
  6. I keep the area clean and I only move in marked areas.
  7. I recognize my performance without taking unnecessary risks. If there is something in my health that I think poses a risk, I inform the staff about it before going to the tracks.
  8. I don’t go on tracks drunk or under the influence of drugs. Bringing the substances in question into the area is prohibited.
  9. I participate in the adventure completely voluntarily and of my own free will. I have understood the risks and rules associated with the adventure. I undertake to comply with them to ensure the safety of myself and others.